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Helping You Find And Buy Your First Home

What Can A 'First Home Buyer' Specialist Help You With?

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We guide you through the entire buying process and help find the perfect property for you.

We negotiate on your behalf to ensure you purchase your home for the best and lowest price possible.

We work closely with the selling agent and your legal advisors guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free purchase.

Our Client Success Stories

Not only did you help us buy our new home for $60,000 LESS than the advertised asking price, you were there answering all of our questions and guided us the whole way to settlement. Thank-you!
Sheryn & Iain
Balgowlah, NSW
Who would have thought it was possible to buy my house whilst sailing around the Pacific on a cruise ship!! Thank-you for the money you saved me and all your help along the way.
Coolangatta, QLD

What Does Your Hot Property Do?

After being involved in hundreds of property transactions, helping countless people sell and then buy their next home, we noticed a pretty big flaw in the way Australian’s buy and sell real estate.

Unlike our American counterparts, who use a real estate agent when selling AND buying, Australian’s only employ an agent when it comes time to sell, choosing to go it alone when they buy. This decision, especially for a first home buyer, often meant the difference between getting a great deal or paying thousands too much.

And whilst we loved being part of the selling process, we really got a kick out of helping people find their first home and purchasing it for the best price possible.

You see, we know how daunting it can be trying to buy your first home. Not only are you meant to know how much deposit you’ll need, you’re expected to choose the right bank, with the best home loan, work out how much you should spend, find the perfect property and be able to negotiate with the selling agent like a pro. All with no help. It’s exhausting!! It’s no wonder people become overwhelmed and stop before they even start.

However, we believe buying your first home doesn’t have to be like that. When you know exactly what needs to be done and when, it can actually be a really exciting time in your life.

And so that’s our commitment to you. We’ll make the purchase of your first home, simple, stress-free and fun, or you pay us nothing!

How We Help You

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Step 1 - Finding Your Home

We work together planning, researching and mapping out the exact type of home you want to buy. We then help you find it!

Step 2 - Creating A Short List!

After you’ve inspected the properties you like, we help you weigh up the pros and cons of each home on your shortlist. This helps ensure the one you choose fits in with all your needs, wants and budget. 

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Step 3 - Research The Market

Once you’ve decided which home you’d love to buy, we start doing comprehensive research to see what comparable properties have recently sold for and we work out a fair price to pay, along with the best offer strategy.  

Step 4 - Negotiate You The Best & Lowest Price

We talk money so you don’t have to. Based on our research, your budget and the feedback we receive from you, we then negotiate with the selling agent to secure you the property for the lowest price possible.

Achieving Best Price
Signing a contract.

Step 5 - Guide You Through To Settlement

In conjunction with your conveyancer or solicitor, we handle the exchange of contracts and deposit monies with the selling agent. We’re there every step of the way, up to and including the day you get the keys and move into your new home!

Step 6 - All For One Fair Fixed Fee.

We’re 100% performance based. If we can’t help you buy your home, for a price you’re happy to pay, you don’t have to pay us a single cent.

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