How To Heat Up Your Spring Sale

Australian’s love a Spring sale as most homeowners believe two things;

1. ​There is a greater number of buyers looking to purchase, and
2. ​Their property presents its best at this time of year.
And I agree, buyers love looking in Spring as the warmer weather starts to show itself. And many properties do look a lot better with a little bit of extra sunshine and a flowering garden, however, you can’t rely on mother nature alone to help you get a premium price when selling.
So... if you’re thinking of putting your house on the market this Spring, here are a few ways you can prepare your property for sale and secure yourself the best price possible.

Clean, Clean, Clean

​It sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t do a thorough Spring clean before selling their home. If you're like most people, the thought of purchasing a dirty, unkempt home, is a bit of a turn-off.
​That's why you need to ensure that when it comes time to sell, yours sparkles. Clean windows (inside and out) dust down all surfaces (don’t forget skirting boards and blinds), remove cobwebs, have your carpets steam cleaned and address any odours of areas with poor ventilation

Tidy & Declutter

​Throw away, or store, any items you don’t regularly use and especially those that take up a lot of space or detract from your property (think that dusty old treadmill in the spare room that never gets used).
Also, do your best to keep personal items, such as photos and trinkets to a minimum as buyers will find it hard to visualise themselves living in your home if there are constant reminders of you around every corner.

Finish Repairs

​Let’s face it, most homes could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. This is a relatively inexpensive improvement that makes a HUGE difference at sale time.
​If there are any loose door handles or tired light fittings that need replacing, fix them!
​If you know your kitchen or bathrooms are a little dated and lack appeal, consider a small makeover, such as new kitchen bench tops or modern door handles, or even something as simple a new towels or a shower curtain to brighten up a dull bathroom!

Prepare The Outdoors

​If you think the outdoor areas of your property are going to be a big selling point, make sure you put in the effort to have them looking their best. After all, you’ve waited until the best time of year to show off your home, so don’t waste the opportunity.
Weed gardens and re-mulch if required, along with mowing lawns and raking up dead leaves. If you think a few plants could do with replacing, put that on your to-do list too.If you have a pool it needs to be clean and free of leaves and your deck needs to shine.​
​Remember, a well maintained outdoor area can add thousands to the sale price of a home.
Following these tips will certainly improve your chances of securing the best price possible when it comes time to list your home for sale.
​As always, if you have any questions about preparing your property for sale, or you'd just like to chat about your options, feel free to schedule a time here to chat and ...
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