Avoid Using These Three Words When Buying Your First Home

Three words you should say to an agent

If you tell an agent you’re a first home buyer you may as well put a neon sign over your head saying ‘I’m inexperienced, take advantage of me’.It’s not because they’re terrible people, it’s just their job to make you ‘pay’.Like most Australians you likely share the opinion that buying your first home is a […]

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How To Find And Buy Your First Home

Without Wasting Time And Money!Over the past 6 years we’ve been involved in hundreds of property transactions helping people buy and sell houses, apartments and vacant land, and whilst every sale and purchase is different from the next, we’ve found most buyers make the same mistakes that end up costing them thousands of dollars and […]

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Does An Auction Always Equal A Better Sale Price?

When weekend auction clearance rates start to decline, you have to start asking yourself why are so many agents still recommending them?When a property fails to sell at Auction or at the very least within a couple of days after, it can really hurt the sale of a property.The market has already spoken and they’ve […]

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Does The Perfect Home Even Exist?

Or Is It All Just One Big Property Hoax?​There is no denying that the property market is going through a change. Buyers aren’t feeling the same urgency to purchase as they were at the beginning of the year.How do we know this?Properties are taking longer to sell and there are less ‘serious buyers’ circulating. Don’t […]

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How To Heat Up Your Spring Sale

Spring Sale

Australian’s love a Spring sale as most homeowners believe two things;1. ​There is a greater number of buyers looking to purchase, and2. ​Their property presents its best at this time of year.And I agree, buyers love looking in Spring as the warmer weather starts to show itself. And many properties do look a lot better with […]

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