How It Works

Our ‘Full Agency’ Service Includes...

Marketing & Advertising

We customise the perfect marketing and advertising package, with a strong focus on digital advertising, which keeps your costs down and attracts the maximum number of qualified buyers for your home.

Contracts & Legals

We liaise with your legal representative of choice and we ensure you’re looked after and protected legally. We follow up with yours and your buyers legal team to ensure settlement occurs as scheduled.


We advertise your property for sale on Australia's largest and most popular real estate websites, chat with and qualify potential buyers, and negotiate you the highest price possible.

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Exchange Of Contracts & Settlement

In conjunction with our Conveyancing partner, we handle the exchange of contracts and deposit monies on your behalf. This can all be done without you even having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Purchasing Your New Home

If you also need to purchase another property, we can help you with that. Once you've found the home you'd love to buy, we deal directly with the selling agent to negotiate you the best deal possible. This service is offered free of charge to all of our selling clients.

All For One Fair Fixed Fee

We're 100% performance based. If we don't do what we say we'll do, you don't have to pay us anything. We also don't charge a commission based on the sale price of your home. You only ever pay us a fair fixed fee, which is often 2/3 of what your local agents charge!

Real Estate Done Fairly

Just because your home may be worth more than your neighbours, doesn't mean it should cost you more money to sell it.

That’s why we charge a fair fixed fee for all our clients. We promise to work just as hard to secure you the best price possible, regardless of the value of your home.

You’ll also be pleased to know we are 100% transparent in all our dealings. There are no hidden costs to our service. We include everything you need to get your home sold, and get you settled into your new one.

All for one fair fixed fee when you sell.

(Which is often HALF of what your local agents are charging!)

How We’re Different To Your Local Agent

Negotiation Experts

With over 550 properties sold, totalling over $320 million dollars, our experts knows what it takes and how to get you the best deal.


We're leaders in digital marketing. We use online advertisements, social media Facebook and Instagram and a national database to help attracts maximum buyers for our your home.

Complete Transparency

We utilise a 100% online and transparent system that provides our clients with valuable insights into their property sale. You can contact your agent, legal team and mortgage broker all at the touch of a button

Smarter & More Efficient Digital Transaction

The days of snail mail and and old school paper transactions are well truly a thing of the past. We believe they're outdated and can sometimes be the reason a deal falls through. We’ve teamed up with Australia’s most innovative law firm to make the buying and selling process fast, simple and transparent for all parties involved.

Full Agency Service

It doesn’t seem fair that the old system had you paying an agent thousands of dollars to only help you sell, when you also need help buying too. So we’ve flipped the old system on its head and we not only help you sell your home for a great price, we also help you buy your next one (if that's what you need to do), for the lowest price possible.

National Exposure

Operating nationally for the past 5 years, and having access to Australia wide real estate data and buyers, means if there is a buyer out there looking for a property like yours, we'll find them.

Australia Wide Database

Our national database that we’ve built up over the last 5 years, along with a social media following of almost 6,000 Facebook users, means we have access to buyers for your property, that your local agent simply doesn’t. No longer are you limited to the small suburb of potential buyers that constrict your local agents.

National Partners

We partner and work with innovative companies such as Lawlab, REA Group, Domain Group, St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne, Real Estate Insider and, who are continually looking towards the future, striving to provide their clients with more value, a better service and greater user experiences.

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$ 8.8 M Total Client Savings In Excessive Agent Fees
598 Number Of Properties Sold
$ 332 M Total Combined Value Of Properties Sold
$ 10 K Average Agent Fees Saved By Our Clients

All for one fair fixed fee when you sell.

(Which is often HALF of what your local agents are charging!)