Time to upgrade the family home
Cost to sell a home

Is It Time To Sell And Move To A Bigger And Better Home?

Do you barely have room to move at home? Does it feel like the kids have taken over and you’re a guest in your own home? Have you simply outgrown it and started thinking it’s time to sell and move to something bigger and better with more space? If you’ve decided it’s time to sell, there are 3 key factors

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Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Own Home

Embarking on a DIY home sale may seem simple enough for one person, however it can be quite daunting for another. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, we do know there are 6 common mistakes a lot of home sellers make, when choosing to bypass their local agent and sell their own home. Mistake 1. Overpricing Your Property Setting

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Questions Buyers Will Ask
Sell your own home

The Questions Buyers Will Ask You

Whether you’re selling your home privately, or you’re going through a local agent, buyers are bound to ask questions about your property. They expect to have them answered accurately & promptly. Here are 5 common questions, you’re likely to be asked, when selling your home. How Long Has It Been On The Market? If a buyer asks you this question they are

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Ep 2. Print Media – The ‘HOT HOUSE’

Hey everyone, Daniel here from Your Hot Property. Welcome to Episode 2 of the Hot House Q & A. Today’s question about print media – is it worth spending your advertising dollars on to get the result you’re looking for? Many people wonder if it will it help increase the amount of buyers interested in their property and ultimately increase

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Agent Commission – What Will You Spend It On?

A question I always love asking our clients is… “What will they spend the money you saved in agent commission fees on?” Think about it… There isn’t too many opportunities in life that come along where you can add an extra $15,000-$35,000 to your bank account is there? When making the decision to sell your own home and pay no agent

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Sell your own house
sell your own house

Is It Hard To Sell Your Own House?

So you’ve been told it’s hard to sell your own house and get a great result. Let me guess… An agent told you. I’m not surprised. They certainly want to you to believe this is the case. They NEED you to believe this so they can continue to charge you hefty and outdated commission and advertising fees. The truth is this. It is no harder for

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Sell privately
Selling Privately

How Much Time Does It Take To Sell Privately?

Many people I speak to want to sell privately but they manage to talk themselves out of it because they believe it will take up too much of their time. The truth is it will take you no longer to sell privately than it would to sell with your local agent. Think about what takes the most time when it

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pricing your property

Ep 1. Pricing Your Property- The ‘HOT HOUSE’

Hey everyone, Daniel here from Your Hot Property. Well, today’s the very first episode for the Hot House Q & A on pricing your property. These are no-fluff questions. Straight, to-the-point answers in under 60-seconds. So, let’s get into them. So, the first one, pricing your property correctly? Always a common question. So, four steps. Number one, you can use

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Homeowners Beware Of The Quick Sale

So properties are selling like hotcakes around you. That’s fantastic. Right? But beware of the agent that comes bearing ‘gifts’. So what happens when the local agent knocks on your door and tells you about the property next door, or just down the street, that they sold for a great price? Well obviously, and rightly so, you get a little

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