What Is An Agent Assisted Sale?

There is a right and a wrong way to selling your home without an agent. The difference is actually a lot greater than you think. An agent assisted sale will keep you on the right track, but can the same be said for the For Sale By Owner System? We discuss the two methods of sale and what it actually means

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Negotiating – It’s A Piece Of Cake

Why are people so scared of the word NEGOTIATE? When selling privately or even when using an agent, you are negotiating a lot of the time without even realising it; Negotiating – It’s really a piece of cake, and a very tasty one if handled the right way. So why when we mention this term do our customers, tense up,

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‘Owner to Expert’ system paves the way for private property sales

Finally, those wishing to embark on a private property sale, without the intervention of a local agent, can do so professionally and successfully and it’s all thanks to the creation of the ‘Owner to Expert’ selling system. In the past, property owners were certainly placed at a disadvantage if they chose the path of private property sales. Vendors weren’t given access

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How To Advertise When Selling Your Own Home.

So you’re selling your own home, that’s terrific. The market is seeing excellent growth in most areas and buyer confidence is high. The decision now turns to what type of advertising should you use. Where do you need to be spending your money to get your desired result? Selling your own home isn’t hard, but knowing where to spend your money

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How To Attract The Perfect Buyer

It’s not just the photos you use that entice a potential buyer to come view your property. A well written advertising script, using descriptive adjectives that convey emotion and evoke imagery, will work wonders. Here are some tips on how to attract the perfect buyer for your home. Firstly choose an attention-grabbing headline. Don’t use ‘House for Sale’, as this

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Questions Buyers Ask
Sell your own home

Selling Your Own Home. Questions Buyers Ask.

Whether you are selling your home privately with an agent assisted company such as Your Hot Property, or you are going through a local agent, buyers are bound to ask questions about your property. They expect to have their questions answered promptly, and so they should. Our Licensee Lorri states “It is wise to remember that when buyers start to

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